Monday, 19 March 2012


So i was applying my sunless tanner today, when i realized, Why haven't i made a review on it yet?
I started using the Life brand sunless tanner after hearing such good reviews on it, multiple people swore that it didn't leave them yellow, or orange. Then i knew i had to try it! I am THE palest person, ever, i always burn, never tan. so i decided to purchase this sunless and firming tanning Gel, which is the far right square-ish bottle.
This product is amazing, it have the color guard system, which is that the gel is brown/green tinted, to show you where you are applying it. it leaves my skin very nice and brown, not golden or bronze, its a nice clean looking brown. I purchased mine for 9 dollars, which is so affordable. Things i like about this product, are the color pay off after applying this once i am two shades darker, it fades amazingly it doesn't leave you blotchy, the smell is great , its a mix between coconut and oatmeal! i love it. One thing i do have to mention, as a tip, please, please, please exfoliate before applying it, and moisturize, this product is drying, like every other self tanner.
This product is great for both people that would only use this, or between tanning sessions to keep it up. i do recommend this product to anybody, my skin is very sensitive and this product did not affect it at all. the price is also very great. Although i don't think you can order it online, it is is most drugstores, with the sunscreen.
Good Luck to everyone who will try this, i love the results it gives me, hope you also enjoy the results.Have a sunny day!

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